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          Andrea Falkvard 
          Born 1981 Tórshavn

Andrea has since early childhood been drawing og painting – at first with crayons and lather, with the grannys encouragement, grabed the paintbrush. Creativity runs in her family, both her granmother and mother are creative, and her forefather Gudmund Henze.

The release of her crativity and drive as an artist started, when she was on Bornholm. Here she studyed Art on Bornholms Artschool and was working with the grafic Bent Kaas in Gudhjem. Also she has work experience from the ceramik group Cassius Clay.

No doubt about that Andrea comes from a little society in the middle of the rugh Atlantic. There is drama and movement in the paintings. The powerful colours hits you with all it’s influence, and motivates you to look into your self and reflect.

See, think, reflect and relate to Falkvardart’s paintings –that’s how you should exploit art. There is no explanation – not for art, either for life. What a relief!

Falkvardart has been shown on Bornholm, Faroe Islands and other places in Denmark.