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Nastia Eliseeva
I am interested in spaces and the organization of space by means of form or colour. I work with different objects, putting them into the nature, or interior or any other place, objects that transform the place they have been pasted to. Something that is not familiar to this place can turn it to something else or create a new space. Or it opens a new point of view... I want to change the focuses.
date: 12-03-2010 views: 794
Its 2010 and we are already 10 years into the futur
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Lind Hilmarsdóttir
date: 12-03-2010 views: 817
Kunstnernes Retshjælp
Kunstnernes Retshjælp rådgiver, når kunstnere løber ind i juridiske problemer i forbindelse med deres virke.
date: 12-03-2010 views: 1065
Hugleikur Dagsson
Should you be laughing at this?
date: 12-03-2010 views: 2886
childhood itself, Ezhkova’s work is profound, inscrutable and quite unforgettable.
date: 12-03-2010 views: 933
Bjørn Friborg
Glass Spass
date: 12-03-2010 views: 889
All images are made
available to download for personal
amusement only, thanks.
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Alexandra Trizna
synthetic materials, acryl, guash, oil, etching, silkscreen, monotype, graphic materials and others.

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